FSX Fiber Accelerator

FSX Fiber Accelerator 1.2

FSX Fiber Accelerator is an useful tool for your flight simulator
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FSX Fiber Accelerator is a useful tool for your flight simulator. This program dynamically inserts FSX tweaks without touching fsx.cfg. Using revolutionary techniques, it draws power from where you don't need (in example while you are on the ground, from drawn graphics 80 miles away) and brings you this power to where you do need (in example to better frame rate and better graphics quality around the airport).
- Best possible fps at any given situation with maximum possible graphics quality.
- Best possible graphics in FSX quality according to the frame rate you set for the hard cases.
- Best possible smoothness on texture loading during even the hardest viewpoint change.
- Maximum CPU and GPU allocation to FSX during the whole flight.
- Dynamically applying (every millisecond) the best possible tweaks to your FSX.

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